This Week in Class: Breaking opponent balance from closed guard

Attacks from guard

Now, in order to perform these techniques the key is to surprise the opponent. If they know what is coming, they will be able to counter it.

Points to consider:
• Keep your attacks a surprise
• Keep your hip off the ground, you can get more leverage this way
• Sweep happens by extending your whole body while at the same time sweeping the legs
• You can end the sweep to a side choke if positioning the hand right

Details to closed guard choke

More details to attack from guard

This basic cross choke from guard is very effective, but needs careful attention to details in order to perform the attack successfully.

Points to consider:

• Always surprise your opponent
• Avoid giving clear signs what you are about to do (for example, taking a deep grip from the collar before attacking)
• Try to break opponents balance when they are making a move.