This Week in Class: Breaking opponent balance from closed guard

Attacks from guard Now, in order to perform these techniques the key is to surprise the opponent. If they know what is coming, they will be able to counter it. Points to consider: • Keep your attacks a surprise • Keep your hip off the ground, you can get more leverage this way • Sweep happens by Read more

Beginners guide for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Starting bjj can be an overwhelming experience. So whether you are just beginning your journey or perhaps helping out a friend whos´s just starting his or hers training ,this guide is for you. 1. Putting on your Gi Your gi is your armour,be sure to keep it clean and in good condition. Be sure to Read more

Basics 101: Tying your GI pants

Basics 101, how to tie your pants so it stays tied. Instead of tying the knot on the side, it can also be done to the front. By making a double-knot, it will also stay tied. Read more

Basics 101: How to tie your belt

Basics 101, one of the best knots to use – and also the best looking! Pay attention to the folds where the end points are placed to get the perfect end result. Read more